Wednesday, April 22

La Mucca Moka by Agostino Traini

I am sure that every parent discovers their favorite children's book authors, and loves reading these books, perhaps more than their kids do, and grabs up everything by the author that she can come across... or maybe it's just me?

My Italian passion in children's books is Agostino Traini and his Prime Pagine stories staring La Mucca Moka.

Mucca being Cow.
Moka being her name.

Mucca Moka is my cow hero. I LOVE reading through her silly adventures. I love her smile. I love hearing my kids laugh at her simply sweet solutions, her persistence, and her passion for cooking.

There must be dozens of these little stories... La Mucca Moka Tra Le Nuvole (Moka the Cow Between the Clouds), La Mucca Moka e La Scuola di Gelato, La Mucca Moka e i Segreti della Montagna (Moka the Cow and the Secrets of the Mountain)... La Mucca Moka EVERYTHING! (I want to read them all)

She usually is helping someone or learning to make something new with her "latte profumato" (fragrant milk). Here are a few that get me giggling (didn't know you were going to be learning Italian today, huh?):

This is after Moka helps save some kids in the mountains and she treats everyone to a hot chocolate. It basically says "Tonino and the kids put on some warm and dry clothes. Moka pulls out of her bag a camp stove, a pot, cups, sugar, and chocolate. Then Moka, with her good fragrant milk, prepares hot chocolate for everyone."

OMG I love the illustration... wouldn't you be licking your lips as a cow lifted her leg and squirted out some of her fresh fragrant milk just for you!?!

La Mucca Moka e La Panna Montata is my new favorite. This is the end where Moka has learned how to make wonderful whipped cream at the whipped cream school (after mistakenly putting little clouds on everyone's hot chocolate), and returns to make hot chocolate and whipped cream for everyone. In the illustration the police officer is writing "It is forbidden to lick the mustaches of others!"


  1. Too cute! I was like that with the Angelina Ballerina and Olivia (the pig) books... I would read them even when Ryan wasn't around :)

  2. I'm still into the Mr. Men books, but I liked those as a kid, so I guess that doesn't really count.

  3. That is adorable, I hope you keep it forever as a memory.

  4. Love these books. So positive and happy!!

    Like you!!

  5. great way also to improve your language skills. i wish i had a fab cow like that in my life. wouldn't be great since all evils can be righted with a cup of hot chocolate.

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