Thursday, April 16

a zoo in Italy

This felt strange to me. Going to the zoo. Who goes to the zoo in Italy? Well, living here, we do lots of "normal" things, and I guess going to the zoo just became one of them.

We went to Parco Faunistico Cappeller. It was inexpensive, clean, and relatively quiet and uncrowded for a spring break day trip. There were lots of play and picnic areas and the kids seemed to enjoy the easy pace. I enjoyed them not fighting or complaining in addition to just soaking up some sun. It was very laid back.

I was personally impressed by this Marabu. There were also two Marabu chicks there as well.

In hot pursuit...

I swear this little guy was trying to get us to break him out. He kept motioning to us, glancing up at the staff, looking back at us, wiggling the eyebrows and nudging his head in their direction. Either that or he was telling us all the zoo gossip.

I felt bad for the meerkats. They were particularly preoccupied by the birds flying around above them.


There's not too much to say really. I guess I discovered that a small zoo in Italy is pretty much the same as a small zoo in the US. And that I enjoy a simple day doing something for the kids just as much here as I did there. We ate sandwiches and chips from the snack bar. They ran from one exhibit to the next, reading from the signs and looking for their favorites... the surrounding scenery and the language has changed, but many things are pretty much the same. It's oddly comforting. An oxymoron, but that's really the best way I can describe it. I'm both unsettled and comforted by the experience at the same time.


  1. That's how I feel going to McDonalds in a foreign country... you can count on the food being terrible no matter where you are... oddly comforting :)

  2. We have been to zoo's all over the world, and you are right, its oddly comforting to just do something normal like the zoo in another country. McDonalds is good too :)

  3. I love the tortoises and that gorgeous bird. I always have ambivalent feelings about zoos anywhere, and yet I'm drawn to them.

  4. I would have guessed a zoo in Italy to be different. Like maybe the animals could be housed with statues and they could have paintings on the ceilings of the habitats.

  5. Great photos!! The last monkey trying to escape is funny!!!

  6. Do the zoos over there also smell ? I mean, does that distinct smell permeate the neighbourhood ?

    And as Beth says, dont they have paintings, statues. And BTW, do the animals also have pasta and pizza ?

  7. Nice comments...
    McDonalds is universally crappy.
    I also am not total in agreement with the idea of a zoo, but it can be a nice way to spend the day.
    Maybe other zoos are fancier, but there were no roman ruins or great works of art at this one.
    The monkey was fun to chat with. The things they say!
    There was a distinct camel smell at the camel pen, but it didn't protrude beyond the immediate vicinity. Actually I was impressed by how not smelly this zoo was. But no paintings or statues. Just cute little winding paths, manicured gardens, and of course the animals. They didn't even offer the human animals pasta or pizza. ;)

  8. The pics're good, Christine! And this reminds me of the petting zoo in Wheaton, which is reaaally small and smelly, but my kids enjoy it there...It's still fun and they've these special events on all the holidays, you might know the place, it's called Cosley zoo:)

  9. Nice post, Christine. It's interesting how one eventually settles down to doing 'normal' things in one's adoptive home. Perhaps it means you've stopped being a tourist and started being more of a resident. I don't approve of zoos either, but come the long summer holidays you can bet I'll be eager to travel miles and miles to get my kids to one just for a few minutes' peace and quiet!


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?