Friday, November 13

a well worn path

Did you know that the floors in my home were put down in the mid 1700s? They're made of wood. They don't make a sound when you walk on them. Not a creak. A few of the rooms have newer ones that practically squeal when you touch them, but these old ones in the library and my bedroom might as well be bedrock. Amazing. And beautiful.

Sometimes, just to make my head spin I try to think about how many people have lived on these floors. What were they like? Did they play music? Knit? What did they read? What did they dream about? What were they afraid of?

Considering that this palace was in Austria back then, they were probably afraid of Napoleon. Perhaps their greatest fear was that their palace would some day be inhabited by a bunch of foreigners.

This is the picture that I put in my background. It's in Rome. I thought I would post it in case not seeing the whole thing was driving anyone crazy. It's bad enough that I'm making the local nobility roll over in their graves.


  1. There is so much to see here. I love your perspective.

  2. It must be amazing to live in such an old building. That's one of the things i love most about Europe vs N.America. The chance to really live with history is wonderful.

    Love the new background! :)

  3. i think the mix of old and new is fascinating. as a girl i lived in a manor home in scotland, complete with bell pulls and slate floors in the kitchen. it always felt like i should be living in a different time.

  4. Do you live in a museum or soemthing ? Phew ! 1700 !!

    I share your thoughts. They must have been witness to so many conversations, people and life in general !!!

    If only they could talk...what all stories would they share..

  5. Rome oh, Rome...Been once - amazing city!
    Have a great day!

  6. i'm with kavi - the stories floors could tell! i love walking into the old buildings on the campus i went o school....knowing that hundreds of thousands of people had walked those same halls...just hear the echos and feel the ghosts swirling around...thanks for the evocative thoughts


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