Tuesday, November 17

RTT: remember it's November

I'm in a bit of a mid-November slump. The sky seems increasingly dark and gray, I'm forgetting a lot of basic things, getting scatter brained. It's very frustrating. So a few things to remember:

November is my Dad's birth-month. Yea, he's Dad, so he gets a whole month. I should bake some chocolate chip cookies in his honor.

New Moon is coming out and the theater is showing a Twilight, New Moon double feature for 10 euros. I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Parent-teacher conferences. Have you hugged your kid today? No matter what, I think you should always tell your kid that the teachers are so happy to have them in class. That they are a gift of joy to the world. Cause they are. That first. Then work on whatever you need to work on. Don't say, just work.

Buy everyone in the family new underwear. We're all happier when our bums are comfy cozy.

When you scald the milk for your coffee, put chocolate in it.

Isn't this absolutely BRILLIANT!?!?!?!

Yea, you are too Keely! ;)


  1. "Buy everyone in the family new underwear. We're all happier when our bums are comfy cozy."

    ..although pay attention to the ones from Upim kids basic range, strange random placement of picture may lead to son spending several days walking like he has a carrot up his bum due to wrong-way-roundness of said nice new undies.

    Oh and I recommend finding a kitten in the woods. I am too busy giggling and fishing him out of the cupboards, off the light fittings etc. to go into my normal "so grey out there" funk.

  2. that grandma' dancing there in the vid' must have been on happy pills.. she's cracking funny:)
    oh and chicks playing base guitar are hot:)
    Happy Random!kudos for joining us:)

    *mine's up too:)

  3. Your dad is a lucky dad :)


  4. So are you going to bake some chocolate chip cookies in honor of your Dad's Birthday Month? And will you share? ;)

    We have Parent-Teacher conferences coming up next month - it'll be interesting to get feedback on Princess Nagger... ;) Today we get to do a 'Parent Classroom Visit' to observe the classroom in general...should be fun!

    You cracked me up with this:

    "Buy everyone in the family new underwear. We're all happier when our bums are comfy cozy."

    I hadn't thought of that...but it's true! :)

    Happy RTT! :)

  5. Cookies, hot chocolate, and New Moon... This is the perfect post! :D

  6. super video.

    November is a hard month to get through. Too many deaths to remember. And the weather is usually terrible - but not this year!

    I like the new underwear idea

  7. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Twilight? Really? You've read the book, I take it?

  8. New underwear is the best. Heh heh... We know about new underwear at my house. :)

    And I hug my kids at least five times a day so I am on your band wagon.

    Happy RTT!! Nice to meet ya.

  9. New underwear? You're on :))

  10. Re: Punk & Italian dentists.

    As a kid I was forced and not listened to. You do have issues to deal with, but you have not crushed your kids spirit, and that's something great!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral


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