Monday, November 30

have fan, who's throwing sh*t?

I realized today, while getting to know someone
Over coffee, in the bookstore cafe
That I like the experience of enduring something
It gives me joy, the experience of uncertainty
The threat of disaster, even passing through it

I realized this when describing some of the things I've done
How they sounded very haphazard to the ears
It wasn't something I'd thought much about before
Until saying these stories, about small adventures
And the trill of unsure situations

Running out of gas on a empty prairie highway
Lost in the rain or sliding through an icy mountain pass
Sailing into the storm or buying at the peak of the market
Tutor a blind girl in chemistry lab
Or throw your heart out to someone just because you have a haunch
It's right

And seeing her eyes light up with the same excitement
Mud pits and wet socks, flat tires and vomit and ice storms
She laughed with me and concurred with the joy
That getting through it is the best part of life.
I think I like this woman.


  1. ME TOO! :)

    It's 30th of November...
    I did it - NaBloPoMo 30 postings DONE!

  2. You do possess the spirit of adventure! I understand that well, although now, near the end of life, I can't indulge it very much. Still, there's always that last great adventure.

  3. Anonymous5:18 AM

    It's great to be challenged in new and unexpected ways sometimes, isn't it? You get to test your fortitute, skills, ingenuity..There is a limit, though - a fine line between a thrilling adventure and one that is truly frightening, harrowing, and life-threatening

  4. YEAH!!! No more NaBlowMe! Woo hoo! Bobby, As you get older the adventures change, but we still have them. :) And XUP... absolutely right... it's only funny later if you live to tell about it.

  5. Hello Christine,

    The Greeks call it, "koinonia" (having things in common that create social intercourse). It's an ingredient of a good friendship.

    I try to enjoy the little odysseys that life ocassionally brings my way.

    You should always enjoy getting through.


  6. A spirit of adventure, flavoured with discovery. dressed with fun and great joy.

    Is there anything more thats required at all in the world !


  7. I like you BOTH

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. Nicely put.. I enjoy that side of new friendship too. But it has a dark side when you are an expat. People love your 'stories' when home on short visits...something to regal the christmas table. But watch their eyes glass over when you are home for the long haul. One friend (ex-friend actually) went so far as to state "I think I liked being your friend more when you were living OS... it seemed more exciting") Now I am back on the road again. Maybe I am only palatable in small doses?


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