Sunday, November 8

lazy Sunday

We threw a halloween party for the punks last night. 10 kids, 9 adults, some bubbly, couple bottles of wine and two pans of rice krispy treats.

The party was delayed due to illness of half the punk population of Trento. But in absence of door-to-door trick-or-treating, halloween can happen whenever you feel like it so in our house, it happened yesterday.

Still feeling the sting of last year's break-down-the-house-raging-headache-I-hate-Italian-parents-and-their-out-of-control-kids-craziness, this year I decided a padded room was in order. I emptied the guest room (of all the laundry) and piled every possible costume type accessory we could find onto the bed. Capes, hats, tutus, wigs, swords and jewelry. I also decided to "do as Romans do" and pay no attention at all to what was going on. It worked surprising well and kept the madness confined to one empty room of the house. Success!

So today I am rewarding myself with some Indiana Jones, some leftovers (steak sandwiches, potato salad and risotto) and a big comfy couch.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Thanks for letting me know that my profile was not activated... all the things I have to do! I am having a lazy sunday too... the outlaws took the daughter to Church, I cooked lunch at their house and then left them to sleep it off. Yep, I am blogging again... finally...

  2. Any success needs to be celebrated ! Padded room or otherwise !!

    I guess that was a well deserved reward !


  3. Which Indy movie? The third is my fave. :) Enjoy your snackage and movie - sounds like you earned them! :)

  4. Sounds like my kind of party!
    Do Italian parents really just let their kids run wild? That would explain the out of control teens from Italy we ran into several years ago when I visited Europe.

  5. Rest, relax...and rejoice! You done good!!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading the new blog Lynda.
    I take great joy in even the smallest Kavi... as do you.
    We watched the first Indy movie, followed by the first Star Wars (IV) cause the kids get a kick out of seeing Harrison Ford again.
    Italians are actually very fastidious parents, but for some reason they're allowed to go completely wild at parties. Jumping off tables wild.
    Thanks Janie, yes, I done good ;)

  7. Lazy Sundays Rule!

    Ciao & Aloha

    Comfort Spiral


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