Wednesday, November 4


A few things happen for me on Wednesdays:
I have lunch with the punks, usually Pizza da Andrea.
We skip school and go swimming in the afternoon.
Our Italian babysitter comes and helps with homework. I make them all dinner and then escape to have dinner with M. We're back by lights out.
Overall, a pretty great day, Wednesdays.

If you happen to not know Pearl (I can't think of anyone who doesn't, but you never know), you're in for a treat. She's celebrating her 500th post in 500 days tomorrow (bow down fellow NaBloPoMo'ers). She's insanely creative and maintains a level of writing, every day, that I have trouble reaching even occasionally. Please tell her this Pilgram sent you.

Finally, something I wrote long ago...

Stale peeps and coco wheats
Things that make my life complete
Shipped in a box across the blue
Can you wrap yourself up too?


  1. 500 posts in 500 days? *eek* I officially feel like the biggest slacker in the room. LOL

  2. Pearl is an amazing writer and I strive to be as good as she.

    I need to make a day of the week as fun as you do! Happy Wednesday!

  3. sorry but I don't know Pearl - but soon I will! :)
    Have a great day!

  4. Happy Wednesday.

    I'm trying to figure out your poem, don't mind me, I'm the opposite of fast, could you be writing about a body mask?

  5. Oh Pearl ! She is awesome ! And Wednesdays...! Ah. thats incredible part of the weeek. Midweek. Bang in the middle !

  6. Anonymous4:59 AM

    I don't know Pearl and now I'm afraid to know her. I'm not sure if I can READ 500 posts in 500 days, let alone write them

  7. 1. The poem: silly and poignant. Made me feel wistful. I admire that.

    2. Thank you for the shout! :-) I can't tell you how surprised and humbled I felt popping in here and seeing that. Wow. Thank you so much. :-)

    3. XUP, I'm hardly ever scary. :-)


  8. Your Wednesdays sound perfect!

    And to Italy? I could totally wrap myself up... just sayin' ;)


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?