Tuesday, November 24

RTT: Maybe they don't liking the human being

My Italian teacher presented another verb tense today. The "simple conditional" form. What the hell? I think they're making this up just to scare away foreigners. Seriously. As far as I can tell, it's an excuse to tack a lot of extra vowels and double constants onto the end of verbs. Now I have to train my tongue to undulate around words like sembrerebbe, chiuderebbe, vorrebbe, dispiacerebbe, prenderemmo, aprirebbero...

Mars Attacks! The perfect family holiday movie:

Liberals. Intellectuals. Peacemongers. Idiots!

I asked Punkette what she was thankful for. She said "I'm thankful that you decided to have me born. And that you let me eat Nutella."
Life and Nutella... what more could you want?

Maybe some eggnog. In my coffee. That would be delish.
Nog, nog, nog, nog. Nog nog. (Hi Martians)

I finally bested M in an argument. Possibly the first time ever. He argued that baby teeth do not have roots. That they're just stuck in the gums! I think I'm right about this one. Please tell me that I'm right.

Apparently, Ginger in Italian is Gaia. Well, that's what they call the star chicken in the Italian dubbed version of Chicken Run.

Speaking of Italian dubbed versions... this is driving me insane. Count how many times you hear erebbero or erei:

I got four. But that's what I'll end up doing... pinging the words I know and scrambling to piece together the dialog. It's very hard to get into a movie when you're pinging and scrambling. And is it just me or do all the girls sound exactly the same? No. It's not me. And it's the same voice in every other film too. Ugh, I can't stand watching dubbed films. I'm just going to have to wait for the DVD.

Happy Tuesday everyone. Think random thoughts.


  1. Your comment about making up the tenses cracked me up! My french teachers did the same. They even admitted that we would never actually use some of the tenses in real life.

  2. Ahhh...this the programme all the little girls have been bending my ear about.

    Think I'll stick to True Blood.

    S'not bad as dubs go, if you like "trying very hard" broodily dark and intense, helps that I've never seen the original. I used to throw cushions at CSI dubbed, I swear they used the same guy who does all the "Hollywood deep voiced action heroes" for Grisom.

    I go all Russian in any of the conditionals

    "Se forse andaski alla negoski.."

    Well if a good half of all Italians can't get them right I'm not convinced that I should be making all that much effort either.

  3. I remember Mars Attack :)
    Have a great RTT!

  4. Nutella is so worth being thankful for:)
    Oh and dubbed movies??.. don't even get me started on the German dubbing.. they have the same voices and they ruin the characters everytime... and the translation??? is not even accurate not to mention it doesn't create the needed tension in certain moments.. shortly .. dubbing sux!!!! why won't you guys get subtitles???? Anyways.. Happy RTT!!

    * my Randomness is up too:)

  5. I don't mind watching the animated features dubbed. They're actually pretty serious about this dubbing business over here. But New Moon... I want to go to the theater and just let myself swoon. I think trying to do that in Italian will only ruin it for me when I eventually do see the real version.

  6. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I'm thankful to see Edward without his shirt on today :)

  7. The Punkette has it right! Life and Nutella. There is nothing more.

  8. Okay, the funny things is, at the end of the movie they really are in Italy. It would have been more interesting had they spoke in Italian.

  9. Anonymous3:31 AM

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  10. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Hi mam

    A mighty interesting blog you got. As an old geezer myself I got mighty interested in what your line

    Liberals. Intellectuals. Peacemongers. Idiots!

    means in this context.

    I kind of liked Saddam got busted, but lately, as years put stone upon stone, I kind of agree with some liberals about the pessimistic view they got upon society. Forza the left.


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