Saturday, November 21

loves me, loves me not

When I was a girl
In a long ago world
I plucked the petals
From flowers

They'd release with a pop
Letting my heart drop
As I continued my
Way round

The watery eyes
Of little girl skies
Overfill with hope
And rain

But that little girl mind
Will eventually find
Much more than loves
And loves not


  1. Well done. I can find threads for myself in your poem.

  2. Hi Christine,

    I decided to stop by from The Jules (The Gravel Farm) and I'm fortunate to have read a lovely poem this morning.


  3. How do you do that ?

    I struggle with helping Son of Thor make shape poems. I dread when we have to start rhyming things, I'll have to resort to an on-line wot rhymes with wot dictionary.

    Can I send him to you for those lessons ? LOL

    Beautiful poem.


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