Sunday, November 29

I had to go and open my big mouth

We got together will all the families of Punkette's first grade class last night. It was a casual gathering organized to meet each other. We arrived with a tin of Nestle' chocolate chip cookies I had baked (secret family recipe) and sat down for a few slices of pizza and chit-chat.

These kind of gatherings drive both Punkone and M absolutely out of their heads, so they quietly excused themselves shortly thereafter, leaving me in peace to chit and chat.

The conversation was facinating. There is no parking at the school, or bus service, so pick up and drop off is an absolute nightmare (we live 2 blocks away and walk... apparently most parents do not). The other children come home starving because the food that the cafeteria serves is horrible (I have to instruct my punks NO SECONDS!... I'm not sure what this says about my home cooking). And oh no... the English teacher is taking a two month vacation.

Well, again, this doesn't rank among my top concerns at the school. And then I casually say, "Maybe I should offer to fill in."

Well, the thing is, I have offered to help out with both my punks' classes when it came to the English curriculum. The school is always in desperate need of mother tounge English teachers, but they've always turned me down because I'm a parent. I bring in books and games for them to use, but I always figured there was some policy against any further involvement.

Well, these parents are determined to prove otherwise. They are uniting, and organizing, all to get me in the classroom. And I'm worried that it will work.

We'll see. I'm also excited at the chance. It could be something fun to do for a few weeks.

Can you tell I'm scared?


  1. Our kids attend a small, perpetually resource-starved school. And parent offers like yours are like gold to our teachers (my wife's a teacher there, too, and I know she'd love to have a caring, involved parent's help.)

    I appreciate your fear - it's why I would never make such an offer, because I know I'm simply not up to it. But that fact that you stepped forward speaks volumes about who you are. You'll rock the house, and the kids will never forget that.

  2. Hi Christine,

    I think you'll add a dimension of quality to the children in the class and those you encounter in the school.

    I think it takes talent and commitment to teach but one must be gifted with a heart for children.

    Enjoy this time you invest in the lives of those little ones.


  3. Christine, I think it's wonderful, and hope that it does find acceptance by the Powers That Be. You will be a smash hit with the kids, and you will enjoy it so much yourself.

  4. I think you would make an awesome teacher! How nice of you to volunteer.

    It is scary because it is change. Once you get used to it, it'll be fabulous and exciting!

  5. It's not your big mouth, it's your big heart, you'll do great. Have we told you how extremely proud we are of you lately? think of us on our journey south, we take off in the morning. Miss you and love you all very much, Mom & Dad.

  6. Yes. Its your big heart indeed ! Good luck on your teaching assignment.

    I am sure Italians will speak better English !

    Ok. Atleast some of them !


  7. "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing".

    I'm sure you would do great if you had the opportunity. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :0)

  8. hmmm brave brave girl...

    I too, offered this at the local german school where Miss 8 attends. Was flat out rejected after they discovered that I do not have a Phd in English. Not sure why my English wouldn't be good enough for the 3rd graders here. Some of the parents have started calling me at home, on the sly, to ask for help with their older kids English homework. Weird place.


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