Tuesday, December 1

contrary to popular belief kids love having their birthdays lumped together with other festivities

It's December! Woo Hoo!

December is all kinds of fun. First off, it's the most awesome month to be born in. Two of my brothers and I were all born in December and we always celebrated our birthdays together with one big party. It always felt extra special for us to share this day together.

Yea, look at me. I'm all about blowing out the candles. Look at those lungs! From across the table! Wait Ma, lemme back up a few more steps. Let's see if I can blow them out from outside the door. From the looks of it, this was birthday #6 for me, and numbers 4 and 1 for the little bros. Aren't they cute! Got to love the cowlicks. Yea, I always thought it was called a cow-lick and imagined that I got my forehead all slobbery licked up by a big cow tongue just after birth. What? Isn't that how they clean up the babies in the heartland?

Speaking of cute, check out Punkette's face. Yikes! She's loosing all her teeth! She lost a second one since I took this picture and she as another two that are loose. I sure hope Santa still brings front teeth for Christmas or this girl will have nothing but eggnog for Christmas dinner.

And that brings us to that timeless December question: What do you want for Christmas? Well, go no further than this monster hunk of awesomeness: The Lego Death Star

Punkone saw this in a shop window the other day and almost wet himself. Then I saw the price and almost wet myself. 450 EUROS!!! Holy crumbolie Lego. That's a lot of moola! What do you think Santa is made of? And don't try and sucker poor Santa into one of those interest only scams. We're wise to your evil ways Lego.

Wow. Never thought I'd accuse Lego of being evil. Sorry Lego, I take it back. Can we talk fixed rate, 30 year?

And Punkette, bless her soul; she wants a puzzle. A really hard one with about 100,000 pieces and a picture of a castle or something on it. She went just as bonkers over the thought of a new puzzle as Punkone went over the Death-of-our-savings Star. God love her.

This Christmas all she'll have to eat is egg nog. And nothing but a stinkin puzzle under the tree. Please send money to finance some dentures for our poor little Punkette. Dentures. Not the Death Star. This girl needs some teeth.*

*I'm joking. She doesn't need dentures. Bigger and better teeth are growing as we speak. Please don't send any money.**

**We will accept Legos though.


  1. Hi Christine,

    All my brothers were born in the Sping and Summer months, so I was all alone in December. Even though Christmas was in the same month, I always got to enjoy that special feeling that birthday celebrations provided.

    I'm sending birthday wishes to you and your brothers today!


  2. Happy Birthday (I think) Punkette's mother...

    Evil Lego... I have had that thought myself when walking barefoot through the dark house and stepping on a lone piece of lego... they lie in wait and hurt like a mother.... oops.. sorry

    My sister in law brings a 1000 piece puzzle (last year it was an english garden) to the Christmas activities every year... it is painful, but helps us avoid actually having to talk to each other.

  3. So now Peter and I will need to go to Toys R Us and see about the Lego Death Star. You did say financing is available, right?
    It is a bit of a curse being both a Star Wars Dork and a Lego Dork.
    We don't even have kids, but the house is full of toys. It makes aunt Keri and uncle Pete a favorite spot to visit from family and friends though.

  4. ha!

    I'll see if I can dredge up the huge tupperware container from when i was a kid and send it your way! though you might have to clean the peanut butter and jam off some of it first...


  5. what a December you have, birthdays, presents, dentures, oh sorry, not dentures. Teeth!
    I keep my thumbs up for new teeth! :)

  6. Thank goodness my boys haven't discovered that Lego set! Not only is it too pricey for me, someone always has to help them put the things together. This someone would go crazy with that one!

    PS My birthday is 12/13. When is yours?

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I am a Swedish Finnish Diver. I like your writing. Lots of kids you have. I am a revolutionary. I have lived in Italy for many years. There wahere lots of left wing people. I like left wing people. I love your blog. Heppy wednesday. JUKKA

  8. my son is all about the legos millenium falcon only b/c he doesn't know the death star exists

    god help my check book

    and yes, legos is evil

    definitely evil

  9. I almost wet myself when I saw the Death Star for the first time too, but 450 Euros? I don't think it's that expensive here and you could DRIVE to Denmark. WTH?

  10. Yea, still pondering what to do about the "holy crap" Legos dilemma. Lego stuff is a lot more expensive here than in the states... and apparently in Denmark too?

    My birthday is 12/15

    I like liberals too.

    The Death Star says you have to be 14+ to put it together, so yea, if you're kid's super young, it might be a bit tough. Generally Punkone (8) does really well with them.

    Today is the first of the three birthdays in my family, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my middle little bro.

  11. If it weren't for your strong sense of fairness, you could use the money you're saving on her this year to buy her brother his dream toy.

  12. Nice lungs. :-)

    I'm a January gal myself, right smack in the middle of the coldest possible month in the coldest state in the Union. Who wants to go sliding?!



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