Wednesday, December 9

Venice close ups

I went to Venice for il ponte dell'Immacolata this past weekend. We rented an apartment and just took our time. I found myself at once obsessed. The whole city was decaying, crumbling and grey, yet, these spots of color were everywhere. Maybe they stood out so much because of the contrast. The dampness that penetrates everywhere. Seeping out of the walls, over the edges, ruthlessly eating away the foundations of this enchanted place.

How can a place be hopeful and helpless at the same time? I don't know, but somehow that's how Venice makes me feel.


  1. It's so sad how the water is spoiling everything...soon that place is gone...
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. What ends of the spectrum. Hopeful and helpless ! phew !

    Thanks for sharing. It just looks plain awesome.

  3. These bring back wonderful memories. I love the mix/mash that Venice is. Lovely.

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Beatifull photos, Straange Pilgrim!

    I think I told you before I lived in Italy for long time. I was in Venezia a copple of times. I remember I fell overboard from the gondola. I was very drink. Italians always want to drink in the middle of the day. And not only that. I don't drink now.

  5. Hi Christine,

    These are quite lovely photos. I remember our trip to Venice and watching a glassmaker. I read somewhere that Venice is known as the Dead City, I don't remember why but I think it's because of all the tourists that one doesn't get a real feel for the community and residents. Henry James once wrote, "She exists only as a battered peep-show and bazaar."

    It was cold and rainy when I was there but I still enjoyed the time.


  6. What beautiful images. What tragic images. Thanks for making both a part of our life.

  7. Well said and beautiful pictures.

  8. I've never been to Venice but you make it sound very intriguing.

  9. Hopeful and helpless is a strange concept. It must be something about houses being so darn close to the water that does it. I do like the pictures and appreciate the work in the glass one near the top.


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