Friday, December 4

it's a tough row to hoe kid

Little Punkette has been one stressed cookie these past days. In addition to loosing all her teeth, there's all the first grade BS to deal with. Having to wake up at 7 am after the night has inexplicably slipped away. Having to change her underwear EVERY DAMN DAY!!! Having to brush her teeth (wth, they fall out anyway Mom). And all the coloring they make her do at school (I have to agree with her, the amount of time they spend on coloring is ridiculous... I kept her home today just to give her some time to work on her reading for a change).

But today was especially tough. One of those roller coaster days where you're emotions are all over the place. I had to take Punkette in for a mandatory vaccination today. Yes, the "s" word. A shot.

So when we woke up the crew this morning, I thought I'd let her have an extra half hour to sleep. I was getting Punkone ready for a field trip and I figured the contrast of his soaring mood and her impending doom would be too much for her to bear. Punkone could barely abide by my wishes for him to not wake his lil sister and rub her face in it.

But then, we discovered it was SNOWING!!! Even at 36, I get a charge of adreniline when I see the first snow of the season. Punkone pounced on lil sis and they literally leaped to the window together. IT'S SNOWING! Happy happy joy joy.

Then, of course, he just had to remind her of the vaccination.

And the rest of the morning ensued. SNOW! shot SNOW! shot SNOW! shot. Poor kid was getting emotional whiplash.

So, yea, even though we were finished by 11 am, I let her blow off the rest of the day. She did read an entire book at the doctor's office; I really don't think missing an afternoon of coloring is going to set her back. And I know it's so tough being a kid... I have to try my best to give her more ups than downs.

happy days


  1. Hi Christine,

    It's been years since I've lived in a climate where snow is a routine part of winter but I too admit, I still get excited by snow!. Last night, I heard they expected snow in San Antonio. I'm further north and Texas gets snow? What the hell is happening here!

    This must sound like a classic whiner who won't even take a moment to empathize with Little Punkette's stress-filled days. I'm glad you gave her a reprieve from school (and coloring) today. I still remember hating vaccinations so much that even today I can't stand needles poking around my arm.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make a snowman!


  2. sounds like a perfect day for her, besides the shot - at least there was snow to play in afterwards....i remember those snowy days too and they ARE so good for what ails ya! i miss them a LOT

  3. You're such a good mom!

  4. Ah Snow !! How lovely !

    And a snow shot ! How lovelier ! :)

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    fine pictures. I like snowtimes. but I ├Âike summer better.

  6. Wow, that is some good snow! Cute pix!


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