Thursday, December 10

jumping the gun

There's nothing that drives me more nuts than presents in the closet. I do not have the capacity to not give something to someone once I've bought it for them. Well, I have occasionally been able to wait it out, but I'm sure my stomach digested itself a little bit every time. Seriously, I get a bit looney trying to keep things under wraps. It's so much better for me to just buy the gifts, like the hour day before.

But then last year I ran into the problem of the gifts I was looking for being sold out. And my habit of last minute shopping has taught me that this happens routinely. These small shops just don't have the space to stock items. If there's something specific you're looking for, it's absolutely best to just buy it at the first opportunity. So this year I decided to get some of the gifts a couple of weeks before Christmas.

I think my brain was in the right place, but my heart just wasn't capable of holding out for the actual day.

Did I make it? No. I already gave one of the gifts to Punkette. And I was literally sweating from the conflict inside me... fighting to not give up one of Punkone's as well. That battle is still going on (this post isn't helping) Ugh. Now, not only do I have to go shopping again, I've got to figure out something else to get.

Sometimes I'm definitely my own worst enemy.


  1. Yeah... I hear ya.
    I ordered everything over amazon, shoved them all in the back of the wardrobe, still in their brown parcels. So now I have no idea what has arrived and what hasn't and if I have ordered three of everything!

    Hey! No word verification???? Where did it go? I was having fun making up those words.

  2. Christine, I have fallen prey to the same affliction. I have gotten Pete a couple things this year so far and as soon as they get here I give them to him.
    It adds to the special torture when he is able to keep a stock pile hidden in various nooks around the house. Probably in plain sight.
    I can't keep the secret for a day. I get this giddy aura and audibly giggle until he knows something is up. I would make a terrible spy.
    I am learning to live with it though. Is anyone aware of a group or meetings I could attend?

  3. maybe there should be more like you. Especially if you are going to give more gifts, more purchases for a specific occassion....

    and not being able to hold till then, and give it in advance.

    Only to buy something else for the occassion !!

    Wish there were more like you ! indeed ! :)

  4. I'm trying to combat this by shoving lots of non-gift holiday activity into the picture. We're decorating the house this weekend and making cards to send off to loved ones.

    Oh to overflowing joy.

  5. I do recognize that feeling. It's simpler now that two of my daughters live many miles away. i can buy early, wrap, and then just mail them away. It makes me feel as if I've given them.

  6. Hi Christine,

    I think keeping gifts from children is difficult on the kids as well; there is after all, a level of heightened anticipation. As a child, I was always too curious for my own good; learning the secret hiding places of folks in my home. Privvy to the knowledge of the contents inside, I was never surprised.

    Thanks for being so honest about not keeping mum. I won't be passing along any top secret information to you; your clearance privileges have been revoked.


  7. LOL
    Hang in there...

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  8. Oh, gosh, I don't know what to tell you! Do you hand out the gifts as the heart demands? Do you make friends with the woman down the hall (is there a woman down the hall?!) who would promise to store your gifts until needed?!

    It's a delicious problem to have, and I hope the correct answer takes a full lifetime to discover!



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