Wednesday, December 16

let's zap their brains

The punks and I had a really wonderful walk home from the dentist today. The temperature has dropped dramatically in the past two days. So cold, my nose hairs are freezing up and Punkette retrieved a stick from under a pile of leaves that had patches of frost on it. She was delighted to discover how cold it felt. What a goofball, that one.

Our walk from the dentist takes us first along the river. The Alto-Aldige. I think you can see blurry bits of it on the side of my background image. Yea! Did you know that was an actual map of my surroundings? Pretty cool. Anyway, the Alto-Aldige is a big rough looking river. The kooks around here have raft races down the river in the early summer, right when I'm sure it must be at it's most dangerous levels. Now it's at least 5 feet lower, and still has some pretty nasty looking currents.

But it's a wonderful walk. Lots of trees and the sun coming down into the valley. It's our last half-day off together before Christmas break so we decided to go somewhere special for lunch. Chinese. Just over on the home side of the river.

Lunch was uneventful other than that we ordered from their Sushi menu and it was DEEE-LICIOUS and I adore the family that owns the restaurant. They always take the time to chat with us about how we're adjusting to life here. One of the women even taught the kids how to fold the napkins into sailboats.

From the restaurant our walk wanders through downtown toward where we live on the other side. People are returning to work and shops are opening up after the pausa. We're window shopping for gift ideas. This included a drool session over where they have the 480 euro Lego Death star. I swear it was only 450 last time we saw it.

So the kids are dreaming up fantasy Christmas gifts... Punkone comes up with a list that would knock St. Nick back about a thousand bucks. But Punkette knocked it out of the park.

Her idea was inspired by the sight of someone tossing their cigarette into the drain. She goes into her rant... Why do they throw their cigarettes into the drain? That's for water! It's not a garbage! That's why the ocean is full of all that gross garbage! (gee... I wonder where she picked that up?)

And then the idea unfolds: I want Santa to bring me a secret zapper for Christmas. One that I can hide from everyone in my hands. Then when I see someone who throws their cigarettes into the drain I'll use it to zap their brains. I'll zap them just a little bit so that they start throwing their cigarettes into the garbage. I'll change their brains so they won't want to throw their garbage where the water goes anymore. They can still smoke cigarettes if they want. I won't zap them too much.

Now I have to admit that I'm always encouraging my kids to utilize their imaginations to solve problems. To think up crazy impossible things because someday it might be possible to invent such a thing. But, somehow I don't think mild brain alteration of litterbugs will come to pass.


Dedicated to Think Green Thursday, and to goofballs.


  1. Stellar idea; she should really get to work on patenting the concept right away. Then maybe she can invent one that does the same thing, only for people who leave their bluetooth headsets in at all times.

  2. Hi Chrisitine,

    From the mouth of babes come words...that make us smile.


  3. Dear Santa... of all the request that come by you...please put this one on priority !!

    This is just too awesome to be missed. And after you have gotten started on this...there is plenty more zapping to go !

  4. Sounds like a nice day...

    and I agree about the cigarettes... the world is not an ashtray!

  5. Your Punkette is not a goofball. She is an explorer and has a wonderful imagination. That one will go far in life!

  6. Hey..I am all for a Zapper and am going to look for one on-line.. I love it that you and the kids walked to the dentist, to lunch and then home. Folks here won't walk to the corner to get a newspaper.

    I miss the holiday with a child. That was really a lot of fun. You might check out my 'Christmas Letter' (than I can't send) on my main blog...


  7. Aw, c'mon, buy it for her.

    (And then take pictures and post them. I can just imagine the slightly dazed expressions of her targets as they stare, perplexed, at their cigarette butts as they wander toward the trash can.)

  8. Haha! Great comments. It weighs heavily on me how diabolical my Punkette sounds at times. There's a very fine line between brilliance and mad-lunatic. I have to be careful not to screw this up.

  9. Thanks to you, she's gradually learning the very human art of making the impossible possible. This fills my parent's heart with happiness, and makes me realize this planet will have a future, after all, if more folks think like her. And you.

    I'll never look at another discarded cigarette butt the same way again. And that's a good thing.

  10. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Well Chrstiine Gram. I am also a punk. Have I told you thaht I lived with cochrouches italy`?

    It was very dark in the hut and the inhabitants svcreamd outside. Florance by noight is a horrible experecince.
    I read Italy will be a desert in the future. Beacuse of cliamte changes. I moved because I think it samrt. Not staying. Moving North is btettewr,

  11. It is really nice to be able to walk with the children home from the dentist and following a river. It's a dream and from it come the wonders of a child's mind.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year Christine and family.


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