Wednesday, August 19

watermelon shrapnel

These words floated into my thoughts today, as I turned to wipe down the table. The splatter of red, scattered remnants on the floor. Mateo commented that Punkette eats watermelon like it was her last meal. I countered that it looked more like her first. Her first after a weeks passage through the desert, starving, desperate, hollow with crippling pangs of hunger rippling through her body. And the sight of the fat red slices just too much, tearing into them, not able to consume the flesh fast enough. I also thought that if it were her last meal, she'd surely get more of it in her mouth.

For Think Green Thursday, starve yourself of your favorite foods until you can buy them in season. They'll taste even better and they'll be better for you and the earth! (albeit a bit messier)


  1. I can eat an entire watermelon in one sitting...I'm confident of that!

  2. Is Punkette usually sequestered on a deset island off the Italian coast?
    I love your description of her delight in this Summer's delight!
    We have local mangoes, corn, and yes, watermellons available now.
    Aloha & Ciao-

    Comfort Spiral

  3. hmm. Think Green Thursday !! hmm !! Well, we just uninstall the airconditioner ! :)

    And the watermelon, we eat when its around. And hog some more. And then, await its return. Sometimes, they take forever. But then, there are memories.

    Your post makes me ravenous. For watermelons.

  4. Now you have made me so hungry for watermelon! It is such a wonderful hot weather food! A great suggestion!

  5. Welcome to Think Green Thursday! and what a creative post this is..I could almost taste the watermelon and it made me think back to my daughter eating watermelon or wearing watermelon when she was little.... Thank you for posting...Michelle


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