Friday, August 21


ashes floated lightly
down on Amalfi tonight
leaving black smudges
on table cloths and awnings

and the air stinks of a fire burning somewhere in the mountain
and the city sleeps... I guess we'll find out tomorrow where it was


  1. Yikes! Hope you don't have to pack up your belongings like the people in California are always having to do.

  2. I'm in Italy! Rome's hot. The pasta and coffee is delicious.

  3. Oh, I bet it's scorching in Rome. It's hot here too, but at least I can flop myself into the sea. I hope you're having a great time. Try "Cul De Sac" near Piazza Navona... off the upper right hand corner when you are on the end where they old guy does the finger puppet show, facing away from the bulk of the Piazza. Head down the street that leaves from the upper right hand corner. Also, try gelato riso if you find it.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?