Sunday, August 9

buon giorno

The way you greet everyone in Italy. With a smile and a robust "buon giorno." And learn those names. That's a hard part for me, remembering names. Mario sees us a few times every summer and always falls over himself when we arrive for dinner. He ruffles Punkone's hair and proclaims how beautiful Punkette is, how much she's grown. Vincenzo and Giovanna hug and kiss us as we pass by the bar on our way home and tell us of any new babies that have been born. Tonino loves to heave Punkone up into his arms (he's the only one on the beach who can accomplish this feat) and Ciro sends Punkette running for threats of tossing her into the sea. I stop to talk with Rossa when she returns from the University for the season and find out how a year's studies have gone by. And Marta, Antonella, Andrea, Enzo, Anna, Allesandro...

It all starts with a smile and "buon giorno."


  1. And what does that mean ? good Morning ? Afternoon ? etc

    Or 'good tidings' and the like...?

    I have had the experience of wishing a couple in their language. I asked a chap. Who told me something.

    And when i said the same stuff ( i swear, it was the same stuff) it translated to 'Speedy recovery'. When i was wanting to say congratulations).

    So..Buon giorno ..?!?


  2. That smile and that greeting just make you feel so warm and welcome!

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Buon giorno. All the names you mentioned are so beautiful...just rolls off the tongue.


  4. Buon Giorno means "good day"... and is used as you would "hello" or "hi there"


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