Sunday, August 2

the deep blue sea

It's so hard to describe the way I feel when I swim in the sea.
I feel it's weight, it's push and pull... and it's a calm gentle day
Like sitting in the grooves of the earth's fingerprints, trying to grasp really how vast it is
And feeling that "one whole world" pull as, wading way out deep, Punkone asks:
And what comes next? Capri
And next? Sardegina
And then? Francia
And then? Spangna? Morocco?
And then? Well, the whole Atlantico.
And then? The Americas
And then? Well, north or south? Or would you like to cut through Panama and go on to the Galapagos, Or Hawaii (Aloha Cloudia), or hop about the French Polenesia, and on to Australia or Asia??? Yea, the whole wide world is all part of that soup, the turning pot of the deep blue sea...

And then we start to talk about salt...
How much is there?
How did it get there? (Fishermen?)

Ahhh my fellow pilgrims in this life... get yourself a punk or two and watch the world open. Perhaps cracked a top your head, but opened nonetheless.


  1. That's an amazing description of swimming in the ocean. It's exactly like that.

    Children are wonderful at reminding us just how magical and miraculous the world is. They have that gift of wonder at things we've forgotten are truly wonderful.

  2. Reminds me of exactly how small we are.

  3. You bet ! You bet. Sometimes the questions make you wonder about how simple things are. Yet, so very profound.

    How small the world is. yet so very huge. like the sea. And the salt. And the fishermen !!

    Glad you are having a whale of a time. And i wonder...where did the whales come from ...?

  4. After writing this I read a blip in a magazine about how much salt in the sea. Apparently, if there was no water on earth, the salt remaining would cover the entire surface to a depth of 44 meters!!! In every liter of salt water there are 35 grams of salt.

  5. i have stayed near a beach and the havoc the salt plays on ur windows and wood!!! i better have them shut, but that kills the idea of living next to a beach!!!


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?