Wednesday, August 5


I'm eating a pile of them right now. I'd previously not been too enthusiastic about figs because of the mess and waste involved in peeling and eating them. Deliciously drippy sweet but all over your fingers and face. I'm a big fan of getting it all in my mouth (remember we're talking about figs, sicko).

Then the bright brilliant light was shown to me recently by a friend of mine. She'd grown up eating the delicious fruit. She hails from India, but has been transplanted to suburbia US. On her recent stay with me here in Italy, she swooned at the sight of the plump juciy figs at the market. We bought them up and she commenced to devour them, bypassing completely any of the messy prep work I'd witnessed by other fig lovers.

I feel liberated. And am joyously stuffing my belly full of figs.


  1. Sounds delicious! We're having an abundant crop of avocados! They're all ripening right now...and either they are eaten or tossed! Green and messy...but tasty. <3

  2. We are used to the mess, you see !


    On another note, the figs that we get here are of the dried variety. Sold, tied to a rope in the middle.

    I am really curious about this messy fig ! I must go looking for it !

    Liberation helps. Always.

  3. So many things in life turn out this way ;-)

    Comfort Spiral

  4. now i'm in the moos for a Fig Newton...not even close to a real fig though. lol

  5. confessing to "sicko". apologies.


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