Monday, August 24

one more week

My posts have been picture free for some time now, primarily because I'm posting from a computer that has no memory to spare and all my pics are stuck on the camera. Hundreds taken since the end of June. In just another week, I'll be back home and downloading then uploading pictures to accompany my thoughts again. My apologies.

I've got some plans brewing for our third year abroad in Italy... tackling the language, getting my son's schooling on track, getting our family's heath on track (we're all slightly to very overweight), cleaning out the flat, fung shuing the crap out of the place... hey, I guess I can mean that literally!

Anyway, it should be an interesting year now that I've committed to it. It has been stressful not knowing for sure if we will stay another year or not. It still could all change tomorrow, but at least I've mentally geared myself in for staying at this point. In some ways I think it's exciting to feel like the end is near because it pushes me to not let opportunities pass by. And I'll try my best to continue writing about it. I hope you find it interesting.

xx- Christine


  1. even without pics, reading your posts've always been interesting...thank you for sharing your dilemmas too!:) yes, not knowing for sure can be a bit stressful...and looking at your plans, you're already on board with so much stuff, don't forget to relax a bit...:)

  2. Your posts are very interesting, pics or no pics. You have a wonderful attitude, and I find your writing fun to read. Please don't stop.

  3. That looks like some list already. And if you add downloading the pictures on a hard disk that isnt there...well, well, well you have a real siuation at hand ! ;)

    The posts count. The pictures also count. But the posts count. What am i saying..!?! hmm hmm...well..all i am saying is the posts are interesting. With or without pictures.


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