Tuesday, August 25

table for three

These days it's "siamo in tre"
I stand silently as they play
Silently seeing these two
One with eyes brown, the other blue

I love my punks.

Punkette has wild eyes, full of sharpness and fire. Her excitement burns through. Everything is intense and full of LIFE! And as much as I know it will make my life more difficult, I can't help fuel that fire, embrace that spirit. The power that demands fairness and craves MORE!

And Punkone loves like no other. Deeply and achingly. Dramatically as the mood strikes him. Granting a simple request for a glass of water in bed is met with a sweet "you're the best mom a boy could have" after which I indulge in a nibble on his neck. My growing boy that wants to know too much about war and slavery. So we discuss and wander together through all his why's and what if's. He's thinking hard about ways to bring peace in the world and I'm trying my best to show him that even tiny little bits count for a lot.

And I'm just Mamma. I feed and clothe. And read bedtime stories (really great ones). I scrape together all the bits of patience I can find and turn down the volume in my brain in order to just be. Who knew it could be so simple? Not me.


  1. If only a few more mammas can be like you and the world has a few more aching and deep lovers, and others with much intensity and excitment....how wonderful would this world be ?

    How wonderful would it all be ! Phew !

  2. "just" momma, indeed...there is no "mere" momma in you from what i read....


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?