Friday, February 26

20 things that nurture me

my punks - There is no denying that these two people nurture me in ways I never imagined possible. I've been blown away by how much I've grown since becoming a mother. It has given me access to a part of my soul I didn't even know I had buried in me. It's forced me to face the music of who I am and made me so much better for it. It's shown me that we are never done discovering ourselves. My two punks are by far the two greatest forces in my life.

walking - is my salvation. Simple, continuous walking. It brings depth to my daily routine and provides just the right amount of physical distraction to release mental tension.

time alone with M - the positive nurturing impact of time alone with my husband surprised me. I didn't think it could make such a difference in our relationship.

stretching - I love the release, the breath, and the pause that I get from stretching and I do it many many times a day. It not only releases built up muscle tension, but gives me just a few isolated moments to center my mind and refocus.

soup and a sandwich - as amazing as fine cuisine can be, I think I still feel the most nurtured by a hot bowl of soup and a toasted sandwich.

sailing - pure bliss... I must move in a direction that brings much more sailing into my life. Everything from scraping mollusks off the bottom to oiling the topside teak... from leaving port to dropping anchor (what a torture)... I feel completely at ease with the world when I'm sailing.

writing - nurtures me by allowing me to purge my soul. Writing the words helps me to process things and reveals new ways to think about them. It's almost as if another (usually wiser, more stable) person is writing to me. I always feel renewed after writing.

music - always and any way music. Listening to albums, the radio, my children playing it, the artists on the street, in clubs... music immediately lifts my spirits. Music lets me tap into hidden pockets of energy... I can run twice as far, play twice as hard or transform a bad day into a good one just by listening to music.

weather - Rain, hot sun, thunderstorms, summer breezes and snow storms are my favorites, but I'm thankful for it all.

a clean house - I originally wrote, cleaning house... and there's something to that. The whole process of keeping a home feels nurturing to me. Creating a space that feels good is so important and in the end, nurtures us.

hugs - I like the warmth and the density of a hug and physically holding on to the people I care about. I fall into hugs, feeling the expansion of your lungs, absorbing the rhythm of your heart.

- There's something wonderful about being with someone related to me. That comfortable understanding that you love each other without any explanation. I feel very much at ease when I'm with my family. I need to work harder at keeping in touch with them... but my heart is always open for them.

being in transit - is a meditation for me and I feel very much at peace while in transit. What's that saying, "life's a journey, not a destination"? Everything from buses, cars, boats, trains and airplanes... I'll settle in and find the rhythm of travel. The way the earth passes by. The people with me. Or what's really going on in my head. I always find something new along the way.

dancing - everywhere, anywhere dancing is a joyful expression of my already upbeat mood... and pumps me up even a bit more. I feel high when I'm dancing. I love to interrupt my day by cranking up the stereo and completely throwing myself into some funky dancing.

comfortable stylish clothes - a bit materialistic perhaps, but in a culture where clothes are a necessity, I definitely feel nurtured by clothing made of beautiful fabrics, textures and colors.

seeking the truth in my friends - trying to figure out what's really behind "fine, thanks"... it's so easy to just skim the surface of our relationships, I like to push things and dive a bit deeper.

the ocean - I love being near the ocean, to breathe the ocean air, feel the wind, the sounds, and especially the smell of the ocean. I treasure the days when I can literally spend hours in the salt water... I go to sleep after such a day feeling the rise and fall of the waves.

climbing - I haven't done this since my kids were born and I miss it. I miss the physical exertion, the adrenaline, (the scraped arms and legs, salty sweat, muscle twitch) and the sense of accomplishment and relief when you finally reach the top of a difficult climb.

buying my food from farmers - maybe it's mental, but my food tastes better when I get it from a market. I enjoy it more and I eat more raw fruits and vegetables. I feel physically nurtured by this food when I eat it, praise it, and enjoy ingesting every bite.

fresh air - of course this goes with many of the other things that nurture me, but when push comes to shove I'll feel better just opening the windows.

If you enjoyed this please visit the beautiful Braja at Lost and Found in India to find out what she and others are nurtured by... and add your own 20 things!


  1. Fantastic list! And I love that you included pictures of you and the family. You guys are all adorable!

  2. A beautiful family! Your list tells me that you have a very full, happy life. You understand and appreciate what life is all about.

  3. Very, very nice.

  4. Sailing in the Mediterranean!? Wow.

  5. now THAT'S a list!!!!!

    Aloha, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  6. Anonymous is right, that's a great picture.

  7. So many of the things on your list would be on my list too!

  8. What a great list, and what great pics! Those punks are beautiful!


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