Thursday, February 11

let's step outside

Ever see a snap shot of yourself that you didn't know was being taken? Your beaming smile, that joyful gleam in your eye. There was a story you didn't even realize being told to the world. A romantic adventure of a beautiful soulful girl ready for anything. Arms open. She moved through every day with that infectious passion for life. She lit up the room and made things sparkle.

I have a picture like that of myself. Maybe it sounds conceited. But when I see that picture I want to dance. I feel thrilled. In love. Yea... just like being swept up in the arms of someone who loves you.

And I want to be the present version of that girl. I don't mind changing, but I'd like to always be inspired by what I see in that snapshot.

As you carry yourself through life... be it the mundane or a wild new adventure... step outside of yourself and take a look at that snapshot. The one for right then and there. And what do you see? Are you surprised? Proud? Does the joy bubble up from your gut?

That's what I wish. For you and for me.


  1. Such a lovely thought.
    I wish I could see your snapshot!

  2. Snapshots freeze time somehow ! And take you back a jiffy !


  3. Yes, I'd like to see this photo, too! Photos taken without the subject's knowledge are usually so much better, more expressive and a truer representation of the individual than a posed photo. I always look terror stricken in any posed photos, personally! (not a good look)

  4. I'd love to see that photo of you. I have one that I recently found among the debris of my old life, which is being sent to me by my mother parcel by parcel. The purity of the happiness in that smile is unbelievable. Perhaps it was only a moment. Perhaps it was the joy of being young. I almost don't recognise that person!


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?