Monday, February 1

ok ok, alright already

Any parent out there can probably relate to that feeling of being taken over by a world and a persona that we never imagined for ourselves. That desperate helpless feeling as we realize our reality consists of pressures we never bargained for. Or maybe it's the desperate helpless feeling as we realize the percentage of who we are can accurately be described as "raving lunatic" or some closely related descriptive.

Well, I have these moments anyway.

I don't like worrying about the nasty look on the face of Punkette's teacher when she arrives late. But at the same time I expect that she should get out of bed in the morning instead of lying there for 20 minutes. Then the clothing battles. These things are making me crazy. And the core of the problem is none of these things justifies going crazy.

On the upside, kids with crazy parents must learn so much.

I'll just keep telling myself that.


  1. Nasty looks don't kill---but I know what you mean about turning round one day and finding someone else in your body - I frequently feel schizophrenic, and I have a horrible feeling sometimes that the scary side of me is winning...

  2. Amen, sister. Children and the battles that they bring have a way of engulfing even the most sane, calm, even-keeled personality.

    At least that's what I tell myself when I turn into this 'raving lunatic' that you have justified simply by writing about your own experience with it.


  3. Snap a piccie of the foul face, blow it up, print and then waggle under Punkette's nose during the morning slow coach routine.

    My students always take more notice of my displeasure than my son does, so it might work.

    I don't know when or how I turned into this slightly unhinged woman who never seems to have the time to do anything calmly, quietly, patiently and without rude words.

    I'm thinking it is nemesis for all the snotty thoughts I had about mums, out and about with their kids, when I was childfree, and by definition of only doing in theory, thinking myself a perfect parent to be.

    Oh how the high and mighty have fallen flat on their bum. LOL

  4. you are all so much wiser than I and make me SMILE!

  5. I wonder if Punkette is one like my oldest. I battled with her so much for so long. With her it was homework. Then her teacher suggested I just stop fighting it. - She was right. I tried ignoring her refusal to do the work, and my daughter started doing it on her own. She just hated being told all the time.

  6. Everybody ought to learn so much ! Dont you think so. Including getting up early in the morning ?


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