Tuesday, February 23

beautiful RTT

Tuesday is beautiful
Optimistic, upbeat
Shaking off the Monday sludge
With both feet into the week

Tuesday bliss found when
Two packs of Hanes arrive underground
A hot commodity for my little one
Who won't compromise a comfy bum

Tuesday is time for lessons
Music, Italiano, and una bella figura
Unfolding the hidden mysteries
Of a place so rich in history

Tuesday behaves, works, and gets things done
She doesn't complain come rain or sun
Radiance doubles back and pushes her up
A day for doing, without giving up


Get you're dose of RTT then get going!


  1. Hey, you make Tuesdays sound way better there than they are here.

    I am definitely missing the radiance that you speak of!

  2. Very clever. Tuesdays are pretty good, aren't they? At least, as a rule. Of course, this one here is full of pouring rain. Still, that may prove to be a good thing. Some of the huge, dirty snow piles will shrink.

  3. Glad you enjoy your Tuesday :)

    Have a great RTT!

  4. Cool :) Happy Tuesday

  5. Stopping by from the Un Mom…

    I always say that Tuesday is my lucky day. Your words seem to show that quite well.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I don't think Tuesday has ever been loved quite this much before. Lovely.


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