Tuesday, February 2

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

It's SO cold in our house in the morning. Friggggid. I can not blame Punkette for not wanting to get out of her nice toasty bed. So this morning, I hopped in there with her.

I have long benefited from the warmth of my family. I'm not referring to how nice they all are, but their physical warmth. Starting with my nice toasty husband of ten years, graciously letting me wrap my icy limbs around him, I discovered what "nice and toasty" actually felt like. Then the punks were born and I discovered that they too had this capacity to heat the bed up to near sauna like conditions. On cold winter night, I almost felt guilty as I realized I was warming up around the little bean body of my infant child. Just like a little hot water bottle in the bed.

So this morning, I shivered my way across the house to wake the kids up for school and just hopped right in bed with them. OOoohh... so warm for me, nice snugly wake up time for them, and after a few minutes, we were all ready to start our day.


  1. You lucky thing. Mine both shriek and go into "flappy handy beat the ice block off me" mode when I try to use them like hot water bottles.

    Even the dog buggers off looking miffed if I turn to him in desperation.

    I'm not sure a zillion year old cascina was perhaps the best choice for a permanently cold person who doesn't have the "living the dream/no going back" budget to install such luxuries like under floor heating.

  2. ooohhh... I DREAM of under floor heating. My Mom is like me (my husband calls it "death cold") and now my parents have it in their house. It's heavenly!


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