Tuesday, March 2


My body has developed a delightful way to let me know I haven't had enough sleep. It bashes me over the head with a migraine. I'm sure that's what it is. The black spots in my vision tipped me off.

Thank you body. It was not enough that I was up all night with a vomiting child. The migraine is really the puke pink frosting on the cake.

Speaking of cake, said puky punk has a birthday party tomorrow. So, not only is he home today being a pain in the ass getting better and keeping me from taking a much needed nap, I also have to manage to prepare a long list of snacks and party favors. I'm thinking turkey sandwiches and stickers. Not to mention his birthday gift.

I'm praying that I fall unconscious get a good nights sleep tonight so that I don't kill can properly entertain the punks tomorrow afternoon.

This morning he walked halfway to the bathroom and... well it was too gross to say. I can usually handle gross, but apparently migraines and grossness don't mix well. Or punkone has taken grossness to a whole new level. Today I'm doing this mothering gig simply because I have to. There is no joy in it for me. Something is stirring up from inside of me, but it's not joy.

Yes, Mom, I do remember a certain girl scout trip when I was similarly afflicted and the only bathroom facilities were an outhouse. (Seriously, an outhouse? There's no charm in using an outhouse) I guess all I can say is, thanks. I hope you didn't have a migraine.

The only thing to do now is clean up and move on. Repeat. Joy will come another day.


  1. Joy will come tomorrow, when all the little Punks have gone home, and you can see the delighted smiles on your Punkone's face in the 100s of photos you took (that's if the spots before your eyes have disappeared in time). Soldier on!

  2. Yes, joy will come ;) And thank you for reminding me to charge up the camera!!!!

  3. Joy came earlier than expected. Who knew? Migraines are also cured by fresh hot chocolate chip cookies.

  4. I think my wife has something similar. She tends to see spots flash around the outside or her peripheral area that increase in magnitude until she just needs to rest.

    Sure hope that everything will even itself out and you can enjoy the Joy of the day tomorrow.

  5. Joy !Is right there ! Lurking somewhere ! Hope you are feeling much better !


  6. Chocolate chip cookies will cure anything.


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?