Tuesday, March 9


I've been just taking in the sights and sounds lately. These photos are of nothing in particular, just a few random squares... but I find them striking nonetheless:

This one is in Venice. I don't live here, but I love the way squares fill up like this in Italy. I also liked the matching hat/pants combo on the person in the foreground.

This is a square close to my house on Sunday.

Can you see the silence?
It's nice to get out just to do nothing.


  1. Striking indeed. I particularly like the first one. That little dog is watching you and wondering what this human is doing.

  2. Venice is so beautiful. Except for those scary pigeons.

  3. Where are the people !?! I mean...you must come to India to appreciate what i am saying !


    Lovely pictures !

  4. Squares are like the heart of a city, pulsing and beating with humanity. Any city that doesn't have a central square just can't thrive, I think. North American cities are very remiss in building themselves around the square

  5. Yea, the dog cracks me up too. Venice has to be one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. And point taken about people... I'll do a people post soon. I've some ideas about that. Squares are absolutely essential to a good city feeling. I wish North Americans would adopt this style.


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?