Wednesday, March 31


at school in the spring
they're doing the usual things
growing tough and strong
as their little clay pots

brought one home today
to show mom and dad
his handmade creation
in the bottom of a bag

he told me how someone
laughed when it shattered
and asked for some superglue
but didn't seem like it mattered

and during errands today
we bought some more clay
and the kids set to it
cause he just couldn't glue it

preoccupied by messes
and being quite the hag
I take no time to notice
the shattered pot in the bag

nor the one on the table
that dries for tomorrow
he's balled it up
his heart full of sorrow

he falls asleep in the bed
and my regret lingers...
now I need help getting
superglue off my fingers

**aka: I suck


  1. I think sometimes little boy hearts are easier to mend then broken clay pots. And that mammas probably take tired tears much more to heart than they need to... but regret is not something I like and now I have plasticized fingers and a lovely cracked pot to remind me that shining faces are more important than a shining house (and hopefully not mutually exclusive of each other).

  2. You don't suck - otherwise you wouldn't be thinking and writing about it.

  3. Use acetone based finger nail polish to remove the glue from your fingers.

    You should display the pot proudly and centrally making frequent comments on how the cracks add to the design.



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