Friday, March 19

grinnin' ear to ear

Just a quick hello to say what an amazing day it is today here in the very far north of northern Italy.

I'm not one to complain too much about winter and cold and gray skies. These things always seem to give me a little buzz of latent childhood excitement. But WOW, this warm fresh air, windows open, short sleeves and skirts kind of weather is AWESOME.

It makes me want to exercise.
It makes me sing to myself as I zip through the streets.
I find myself tossing 2 euro coins in musician's baskets.
Playing hide-and-seek with wild abandon.
And literally hopping out of bed in the morning cause I'm so thrilled to see the bright blue sky.


  1. Glad to see this happening ! The blue sky inspires. always !

  2. That blue color is absolutely captivating. After so many weeks of cold, grey weather, I find days like this similarly invigorating.

    Spring has indeed sprung - on your side of the ocean as well as mine. Thank you for making the connection, and giving me the incentive to open the windows and let the sun shine in.

  3. Sunshine and warm blue skies are the surest tonic to energise life. And musicians by road corners, tunes wafting along brings so much cheer.

    Will look forward to more pictures from the summer.

  4. I need some of that feeling right NOW. I'm under the weather and an emotional pick me up would good about now. I will try to suck up some happy. :)

  5. Coming from an almost year-'round pleasant climate in southern California, I absolutely hated rain and clouds. Now, in Milan, where summers are torrid and humid, during the hot months I can hardly wait for clouds and rain to bring a bit of refreshing relief...crushed by August's heat, we're scheduled for some rain, today, Thank the Cosmos.


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