Tuesday, October 6

grammar finally comes back to bite me in the butt

Italian class, day 3.

Today we learn how to use/form the past tense of verbs. Holy hell, what a nightmare.

Past participles, reflexive and reciprocal verbs, infinitive...
And then, near and far past?!?!

Crapity crap crap crap
Grammar finally came back
To bite me in the ass

Did I ever mention that I hated grammar (can you tell)
I knows I can speak English. I ain't got to knows why!

Well, apparently I DO. Because now I'm up shit creek when my teacher asks me to form the passato prossimo. And could I please explain the difference between reflessivi and transitivi verbs? This is apparently a very key difference because it depends on whether or not you form the near past actions with to be or to have.

To be completely frank, I have no friggin' idea.

I know Mrs. Jones is tsk tsk-ing right about now..

Hi Mrs. Jones. Yea, I know, sorry about all this. I really didn't learn a damn thing in your class, did I? But hey, look! I've got this groovy blog! And even you stopped by to read it.
What's that? I shouldn't start a sentence with And? That's like, creative writing, isn't it?
Oh, okay, I'll put a quarter in the jar for using like improperly. I bet you about ready to retire on the misuse of the word like in your 6th grade grammar classes. Wow. That is impressive. Way to turn what must have been like a totally maddening situation into something positive. Oh, sorry, double word score for using like and totally together. Here's a dollar. Now leave me alone.


  1. bleh. as long as you don't mind sounding like a 3 year old, you don't need all those verb tenses. i got by in Venezula for 4 weeks only knowing the present tense. all you need pretty much is the infinitive and the conjugations for i, you, he/she and we. I would just say, "en el pasado ..." or "en el futuro ..." (or "estoy a" ("I'm going to ...") to mix it up) and it worked fine.

    spend the rest of the time on vocabulary and you're done.

  2. I think my eyes started to bleed as I read this.

  3. i sure screwed the Spanish up there in my last comment ... ignore what i wrote, i was drunk from too many beers at lunch.

    back to hammermilling.

  4. That's just it! I have gotten by just fine, sounding like a 3 year old, for 2 years now. I want to be able to sound like at least a 10 year old by the time we decide to leave.

    No, tk, we still don't know when that will be.

    Dumbass, I mean, Captain: Mine too. Sorry about that. I should be more careful about what I publish.

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  6. i sure screwed the Spanish up there in my last comment ... ignore what i wrote, i was drunk from too many beers at lunch. Work From Home


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