Tuesday, October 27

RTT: just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

I need to work on my "I don't understand a word you're saying" look. Yes, I'm trying to hammer this language into my bowling ball head and Yes, I get the general gist of things and Yes, you are SO SWEET to make the effort to communicate with me BUT could you please slow it down just a tad... the trying expression on my face does NOT mean I've got gas.

I miss my dryer. I KNOW I harp on about how great and environmentally righteous we are to not have a clothes dryer, but when it's friggggggin cold and you haven't figured out how to turn the heat on yet and punkette insists on continuing to sleep in just her underwear and although you clearly explain that it is her own fault that she's a human popsicle in the morning... you've run out of blankets to pile on her bed during the night and you are grinding down your teeth as you smile and warm up her clothes with the hair dryer in the morning... a clothes dryer would be nice. 1. For the fresh out of the dryer warmness and 2. the plumpy softness as opposed to the cardboard stiffness that is causing Punkette to boycott clothes in the first place.

Cabbage is my new favorite food. Since the days of school evacuation due to the stink of a nearby cabbage field, this is a dramatic swing of opinion. In the past three weekends I have made three different cabbage based dishes that have all gotten rave reviews from the family. Yea. I'm glad I gave cabbage another chance.

Pass the Pigs. For once I am not talking about bacon. It's a game that the punks got from Grandma and Grandpa and it's just oodles of fun. It's like dice, but instead the die are pigs. Here's how you score: You toss two pigs and you get points based on how they land. You can roll as many times as you like, accumulating points, but risking to loose them all if you get Pig Out (pigs lying down on opposite sides).

For example:

trotter: 5 points

double trotter: 20 points

razorback: 5 points

double razorback: 20 points

snouter: 10 points
leaning jowler (snout + ear touching table): 15 points
total: 25 points

Then there's combos:

snouter: 10 points + razorback: 5 = 15

leaning jowler: 15 ... no points added for only one sider

this is the oinker and clearly impossible, you cheater... back to zero

I think you should get triple points for this one, but it is also, in fact, an oinker: back to zero you pig!

Look what you made me do.


  1. My brother and got that pig game for christmas when i was a kid. Our version was called Pig Out i think. Last time i was home i played it with my nephew and it was still fun. :)

  2. That looks like a fun game!

    But you can keep the cabbage. I never could get past the smell of it cooking.

  3. I love Pass the Pigs! It's sooooo much fun!

  4. This looks so cute! I love cabbage, too. My sister particularly loves red cabbage.

  5. oh thanks for reminding me of Pass the Pigs, not seen that for years...

  6. My parents had that pig game when I was little. Yay! It is lots of fun! My kids like it too now.


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