Monday, October 19

the happy ballad of a strange pilgram

I have a big heart, bursting with achy spaces and joy. Sectioned off into dozens, maybe hundreds of little rooms. And really just one person in the world holds the keys. One person who makes me laugh and cry at all the right moments. One person brave enough to stick around. One person I can stand to see walk away on distant adventures and who I know will understand as I embark on mine.

So come in dear children, husband, mom and dad. Sweet friends and family from far away and those new ones close at hand. I have an ample heart and it's mostly fit for loving. How?, I'm learning day by day. For it was just one, lucky, incredible chance that my eyes were open at just the right time and saw one person there who needed me to save the world and whose exhistence and love also saved mine.


  1. Hearts around the world seem to be the same. 'Bursting with achy spaces and joy' !

    Travelers and free spirited discoverers seem to of some strange alike mould too !

    Heres wishing that 'one lucky incredible chance' to multiply ! And that many more touched. And the soul is much lighter too !

    Heres wishing more !

  2. Love is grand!

    A delightful video too.

  3. I love when the right people find each other! How perfectly described by you.

  4. "bursting with achy spaces and joy"

    That is an incredibly beautiful sentiment. :) Here's to love. :)

  5. Hey, how's the season's changing over there? I've got something to share with you here.

  6. It's good to be with the right person -- and even better to know that it's so.

  7. Thank you so much, Christine! You just gave me a FANTASTIC idea which I'm not going to share just yet. Thank you thank you thank you!


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