Saturday, October 10

what a great day for a weekend

Do I dare say it?

My day is off to a great start. One of the best. The punks only woke once during the night, at the same time. Punkette was a rare one, waking to a bloody nose. She was upset at having ruined her pillowcase, which I found long ago in a second hand store. One of those softest cotton cases that has been embroidered along one edge. This one has pineapples on it. I told her not to worry, that I would wash it out in the morning.

And then I slept... until 9. Not opening my eyes, I heard the whispered plots of the punks. Plotting a surprise for me. Getting dressed and making their beds! Oh, these two know me so well. I couldn't dream of anything better. I smile and feign continued sleep.

But they went even further. Planning their own breakfast and sending Papa out for the ingredients. Homemade lemon-lime soda. What ever floats your boat dear ones.

And even further, Punkone is doing his homework for the weekend and Punkette is occupying herself with legos and solitaire card games.

This is my new day. What a great day for a weekend!

Peace- Christine


  1. Something in their dinner? :)

    I believe children are a reflection of their parents. I hope you'll have a great weekend.

  2. Did you drug them? Hypnotize them? LOL You're lucky to have such great kids. :)

  3. What a lovely start to a weekend!

    Old Dog had to work today (he's been getting a little overtime lately, which he's not wild about, but the money comes in handy) and I've made a loooooong list of things to get done while he's gone.

    And then I sat down to catch up on some of my favorite blogs....

  4. Wow ! Wow Wow !! I wonder how the weekend would now turn out to be...with that kind of a start !

  5. and now i want to know how the rest of the day went :-) and I know how punkette feels about her own cheek loves to sleep caressed by an old, supersoft cotton pillowcase - percale, no iron be damned.....

  6. What a wonderful morning. I always feel like some kind of magic afoot when this happens in our house.... Oh, wait a second, this NEVER happens in our house! But I know there would definitely have to be a spell over my punks to make this happen. ;)

  7. I think I followed you over from a blogroll....

    Love your video of the taxi driver and your weekend post.

  8. There's nothing I love more than to lie quietly in bed in the morning and listen to the munchkins plot breakfast in bed for me and my wife. Never mind the mess they make of the kitchen or the indescribable stuff I have to scrape off the toast before I dare take a bite. Nothing could possibly taste - or feel - better than this.

    Thanks for sharing this delightful moment from home, Christine. I knew I'd find inspiration by dropping by here.


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