Monday, October 12

I like his style.

I'm sure you all have seen this as it popped up on my google homepage and therefore must have popped up on every google homepage. I'm sure google doesn't know me that well. Please tell me that they sent it to everyone and that they haven't secretly tapped into my internal psyche. Yikes, maybe google reads my blog.

Don't you think google has become very 1984? ((shivers))


Watch the video. Not for the belly dancing. His belly dancing is terrible. Watch it because you see someone embracing life. His life. And seemingly (in the 1:30 seconds we have to observe him) loving every second of it.

I wonder what Ishan would say...

How is it possible that there is always pee splatter on the floor! I grew up with three brothers and never remember the bathroom stinking like a truckstop restroom.

Cleaning the bathroom floor 3 times a day is a celebration of my physical agility! Do you like the way I shake it?

or maybe...

Me: Punkette takes forever to put on her shoes. Why does she insist on loosening each shoe right to the end of the laces. She is driving me crazy!

Ihsan: Punkette knows what she likes and has the determination to get it herself! It's beautiful! Take it nice and easy. And watch how I clean the entire kitchen while she does it!
I am not normal.

Well, I am thankful for that! I hope to be not normal too Ihsan. I like your style.


  1. I'm not normal either, Ishan. :) And damn proud!

  2. I will forever pray to Ishan... That is just freakin' hysterical!

  3. That is HILARIOUS - but i have to say google did NOT send it to me (my brain must not send those vibes to the big brother in the ethernet...). I am not normal, but I wish people would give me money for letting me tell them my troubles...what a great guy!!

  4. Hilarious ! And many years back, someone told me 'normality is a function of a demented mind' !

    Hmm !

  5. I love it when he says, "I am not normal."

    :) Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Amen on the pee splatter.


    My house smells of camp bathroom. Consistently.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?