Wednesday, October 14

bacon on the brain

Captain Dumbass has put a bug in my brain.
Well, he didn't actually put it there, just re-activated it.
The long dormant bacon bug.
His RTT post got bacon and apple strudel all mixed up in my brain.
Sounds so damn good.
What I wouldn't give for a plate of crispy bacon right about now.
Swimming in maple syrup.
Or wrapped around a piece of veal and sage, fried in butter.

Don't hate Italy, but they don't sell bacon here.
(Or maple syrup, but I have a private stash)
With a little bit of effort, you could probably get bacon.
You'd have to sleep with the butcher though
With the way my mouth is salivating, I'm not sure I can seduce the butcher.
Ironic, isn't it?

So I'll have to live vicariously through you.
I'll share with you my secret recipe for a knock-you-on-your-ass BLT.

BLT... Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich.

Start with two slices of toasted bread. Something simple, and willing to ride it out in the wings. Assembly is the key to a good BLT, the secret takes it up to heavenly, so pay attention.

Take one slice of toast and spread some mayo on it.
Two slices of tomato on the mayo
Top with two leaves of a nice crispy iceberg lettuce
Leave it for a sec.

Take the second slice of toast and spread some creamy peanut butter on it
This is the trick. Trust me, it'll knock your socks off.
Cover all that peanut butter up with warm crispy bacon. Usually 4-5 slices works for me.
Flip this onto the lettuce and tomato side, pressing it all together.


I'm going to go collapse on the floor now.


  1. One of the things i miss most living in Egypt is bacon. It may be i part due to the illegality and lack of availability here but... Damn do i miss it! And with pancakes and syrup.. *drool*

  2. gawd, one of the things I miss most about giving up meat is is a cruelly incredible smell...and the restaurant at my gym insists on serving it every morning, so as I am walking through to go to pilates, I am salivating like Pavlov's dogs with that luscious odor!! mmmmmmm BACON!!!

  3. Peanut butter and bacon. It's a classic people.

  4. I agree with SSP, the only meat I really miss since going vegan is bacon. I'm definitely going to be dreaming about a plate of greasy, chewy bacon all night!

  5. I wish I could send you some bacon! But I don't know if I would knowing you would pair it with peanut butter . . . . ;)

  6. As creator of the bacon-shooting unicorn you saw on The Captain's page, I hope you understand how much this sandwich is going to change my life.

  7. Cairo, illegal bacon makes it sound even better.
    SSP, I am one of those vegetarians that also eats meat. Vegismaritans, if you will. Love my veggies but cannot control my occasional urges to consume meat.
    Charmaine, that's exactly what my aunt said when I looked at her like she's lot her mind when she made me this sandwich!
    Crazy Charm, sweet, or should I say, savory dreams.
    Brenda, I'm sure it would never get to me anyway. It's bacon after all...
    JAY FERRIS!!! wow. It's an honor. You created the second unicorn that I've ever had any respect for. The first was Charlie.


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