Monday, September 28

wedding photos sterograms

I have the social skills of a scientist, well, probably because I am a scientist. What is it about scientists that makes us feel so out of place around other people? It's almost as if we are trying to entertain a pack of chimps. We don't know whether to shake hands or kiss their cheeks, at what time to serve the soup, and whether or not it's okay to break out the wedding photos.

Well, I learned that it's NEVER okay to break out the wedding photos. Not ever. No matter how cool you think they are. Even if they are 3-D sterograms (sorry, couldn't resist... aka View Master slides), they are still, at the abrupt end of the day, wedding photos. And nothing says good-night like some other chimp's wedding photos.

It doesn't matter that I'm not joking about these being sterograms. HOW COOL is THAT I ask you?!? Who else has wedding sterograms (doesn't that just scream geek)?!? But the taboo on wedding photos still applies. It doesn't matter that we have three little view master thingys and it always seems to me like a fabulous idea to show them to our guests. And I don't think I'll ever learn...


  1. You REALLY have viewmaster wedding photos?! Well I thought my husband was the king of geekdom but you are right up there! Seriously that's cool. Love your blog. Just found you through Us and Them.

    I'm your newest follower.

    Holli in Ghana

  2. View Master wedding photos? Seriously? I was thinking about doing a post where I invited people to "show me their geek" and that would definitely qualify.

    In a cool way.

  3. I wish there was a way I could post my 3D view master wedding photos. But it's probably a good thing that I can't because it would take roughly the amount of time it takes to put your shoes on before I'd loose all my followers.

    (They are seriously hyper cool though. There's one where we're shoving my bouquet into the camera and it's almost as if the angle's breath is going to poke you in the eye.)

  4. Okay, I must be a geek- because I think that is awesome. I would have been delighted to look at your wedding photos through a 3d viewmaster. So, when are you inviting me over? :)


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