Wednesday, September 23

beep beep beep

I have a cheapo alarm clock. I think I bought such a cheapo alarm clock because I really hate alarm clocks and just can't see investing any amount of money in one. Also I'm hoping it will break when it scatters across the floor and I can live a few days in peace. But the darn thing keeps on ticking.

My current on does this slowly accelerating "beep beep beep" pause "beep beep beep" pause. It goes faster and faster, louder and louder, before it just jumps into a continual "beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep ..."
God it's annoying.

I used to have a radio alarm clock which was nice. The only (major) drawback was that on more than one occasion it turned on right in the middle of the DJ yelling about something and would SCARE THE CRAP out of me. Nothing like a heart attack to wake you up in the morning. It's impossible to find an all music morning radio program. I'm sure they don't exist.

So I gave up and got clever and figured out how to make my cassette player turn on for my alarm wake up call. That was nice. Too nice. I'd rouse, smile at the sound of some favorite tunes, and fall right back to sleep.

I once saw this alarm clock that was a light instead of a sound. It would simulate the sun rising and slowly brighten your room. I liked this idea but I guess not enough to pluck down the cash to see if it would work.

So I had to settle on the beeps. Annoying just enough to wake me up without blowing any blood vessels.

Except all my dreams end with me getting backed over by a bus.


  1. Backed over by a bus ! Phew !

    I guess the devil really rests in the snooze button !

    Thats how it works ! for me.


  2. you need one of those cd player alarm clocks - i love them at hotels =- i can't stand a wake up call, so i set a nice Deva Premal CD to go off at the right time...and it is a song that slowly gets louder, without getting faster.....and you wake up sooooooOOOOO slowly and nice - you don't even realize you were awoken by an alarm......

  3. I have an alarm clock that makes the same sound. I hate when I forget to shut it off and it moves on to the continuous annoying frantic beeping. "Shut me off dammit!"

  4. I always end up turning the tuning dial on my alarm clock instead of turning up the volume, so I either get static or someone yelling in french in the am......

  5. My body clock wakes me up. 3.30am daily. Bastard.


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