Thursday, September 10

soup spoon

The transition from summer to fall has caused an upturn of the contents of my head. I've always been a soup of contradictions but usually manage to show only what rises to the top and let everything else just simmer. Not now. Things are turned up and it's hard to get through the hour without feeling like a crazy person.

I hate you. I love you. I can do this. I can't. Things are good. They're bad. I'm ready. I'm sick with worry. Say it five times fast.

If I've learned anything in 36 years it's that I can't chug down a pot of soup. Even a bowl will scald my mouth and spill half it's contents down the front of my shirt. But I am brilliant with a spoonful. That tiny little bit, just a small portion, carrying the flavor of the whole, but sipped and savored just for itself.

I need a spoon.


  1. Smartest thing I've heard all day, Christine. You can't chug a pot of soup, but you CAN handle it, one spoonful at a time. Brilliant.

    What is it about autumn anyway?


  2. There's a promise that comes with the first hint of autumn. And I'm fascinated with your reference to soup. The changing seasons immediately bring to my mind thoughts of soup and stews and baking. And of course you are right - in all sorts of situations, you cannot handle more than one spoonful at a time. None of us can, try as we might.

  3. oh i am the girl who will risk the burns on my tongue and back of my mouth, to get that lovely soup in me as quickly as possible....and I see a metaphor for the soup as well...autumn comes in slowly, kinds sneaks up on you (at least in some parts of the country) enjoy the change, savor the variations in flavor and even though you are ending something...(emptying the bowl), you don't mind so much cuz it tasted so good in every tiny spoonful ;-)

  4. I go in and out of soup moods.

  5. Spoonfulls or bowlfulls. Give me soup. Any day. Fall, autumn, summer, winter !

    Just plain spicy soup !

    Soups are good for the soul. they say ! ;)

  6. What a great metaphor! You've only just tasted what could be done with it.


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