Wednesday, September 30

after all, she's a foreigner!

Yesterday was the first day of my Italian language class. It's hard to describe the sense of release that happens when you enter a room filled with people that understand where you're coming from. Even if, in fact, none of you actually comes from the same place.

I was the only US citizen there. The world opened up as we start to introduce ourselves to each other. We are from Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Japan, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, the United States... but here we were, connected, and becoming friends with each other.

This reminds me that there are unifiers that apply between myself and even the most inaccessible "local" that draws back from someone a bit too different from them. That there are circumstances under which we would find comfort in each other's company. We could even be friends. This is a good thing to remember.

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  1. Ahh.....not the token foreigner anymore :)))


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