Tuesday, September 15


I feel like I need to write something, anything. Is this one of those Random Thoughts Tuesdays? Maybe I could do that.

The kids are in a wild state of diffusion after just their second day of school. I've decided to let them have at it under the condition it doesn't enter into my physical space. Yes, they tried to move their wrestling match onto my lap.

I bought a moleskine weekly notebook. I feel so hip. Very Neal Cassady.

I'm grouchy if I sleep during the day. Shopping for music makes me feel better.

Best artist for fall: Syd Barret

Now, for all this stuff on the floor...

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  1. I feel icky if I nap after work (I get home around four pm.), yet I can't help but to succumb to my sweet bed for an hour or two...


...and you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?