Tuesday, January 26

RTT: sweet dreams are made of this

Ready for carnivale?

Punkette woke up this morning. Got out of bed. Got completely dressed BY HERSELF, ate breakfast, put on her shoes, and walked to school. She didn't scream even once. NOT ONCE!!!

We Pilgrams have been daydreaming about settling down. I'm thinking of a forty acre piece of land in the San Lorenzo Valley just between the bay area and Santa Cruz in California. Would you buy a piece of undeveloped land called "Cougar Point"?

Forty acres makes me dream of this (Punkone just might have enough legos):

While Punkone thinks of this:

And no matter how innovative the design, a rolling fireplace just doesn't seem like a good idea.

I guess that last one is more of a nightmare. Imagine your toddler rolling the fireplace around the living room.



  1. Yay for Punkette get up and dressed BY HERSELF and going to school without a protest! Maybe she can give Princess Nagger some pointers. ;)

    The name 'Cougar Point' might deter me, though the amount of land would be awesome.

    That rolling fireplace seems a bit scary!

  2. Wow That much land makes me want to cry and come live with you although the rolling fireplace scares me a lot!

  3. Yea for Punkette!

    I like the idea of 40 acres...but I'm a little iffy on the name Cougar point.
    For sure, NO to the rolling firesplace.

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Stopping by from the Un-Mom…

    Now the question is… is it made by Shakers?
    Tis a gift to be simple, but come on…

    Thanks for your randomness,

  5. Yay, on the no screaming before school. Can't say my morning went that way. And much of the screaming was mine.

  6. LOL!
    Look out!

    miss ya, Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  7. Love, love, love the song! Thank you. (Of course it brought back memories of the 80s, The Dream Period).

    I would love 40 acres, no neighbours!

  8. I live in Ben Lomond CA - heart of the San Lorenzo Valley - perhaps you already know that "Cougar" is the nickname and mascot for the local high school. This is "cougar country".

    Sweet dreams, indeed.

  9. ahhh eurythmics... when all else in the world lets you down, Annie is there to sooth.

    Rolling fireplace.. ahmmm no thanks!


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