Tuesday, January 12

catching up on other cultures

Edoardo Bennato... where have you been all my life? When you stormed Italy with your mad tunes back in the 80s, where was I? Painfully unawares in far off America. Listening to crap like Wham! and Huey Lewis.

Ahh... yet another discovered classic by this nube. I did notice the recurring buzzing theme. Maybe a surpressed affection for the kazoo?

Any great classics I should know about from where you're from?


  1. When I turn on my upstairs computer later, the one with speakers, I'll take a listen. Maybe the buzz was an electric razor?

  2. What's wrong with Wham?
    Also, Scritti Politti was cool, even if I spell their name wrong.

  3. Wham? never. Scritti Politti, oh YEAH!

  4. OK... I'm youtubing Scritti Politti right now.

  5. "Ode to a smart woman"

    something you absolutely must watch :-)....its in Hindi
    Ek Chatur Nar

  6. One of my favourite things about living in Europe is hearing different languages sung on the radio. I have loved Eros for 20 years.. and laura pausini. And Miss Eight is driving us mad after spending too much time with her grandparents, she is now a big fan of the German Schlager musik (schmooz music). Thank god she got an ipod for Xmas


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