Tuesday, January 19

RTT: euro trash

How long have I lived here now? Almost 3 years. And it's taken less than that amount of time to break my 1-2 showers a day habit. I'm on a weekly rotation now. And I don't even smell. Well, at least I don't notice any smell. Is it true that people can't smell their own stench? Gee, maybe it's not language barriers that are keeping people away...

Random Amalfi photo...

My Punkette has ISSUES. Good god. Underwear issues. Pants issues. Sock issues. Shoe issues. Food issues. Now hair issues. To top it off she doesn't have a dog. And she has to go to school. And her mom makes her take the stairs. Doesn't your heart just break for her?

Punkone is disgusted with whoever invented English. What were they thinking? Take the words bare and bear. The meanings are in complete contrast with each other (a bare chest as opposed to a bear chest). He wants to know exactly who to blame for this absurdity.

M is on a doctor prescribed diet to reign in his triglyceride levels. I think at last check they were over 8000 something or others. That's not even too much of an exaggeration. He said the woman reading the test results turned white and asked him if he had children. RE the diet... We're actually all loving it. Well, except for M. We have these fiber toast things in the morning with jam. Punkette could eat this for every meal of the day. It's yummy. And filling. When he first started the diet, he felt so full he was worried that he would end up gaining weight, but after a week, he lost a little. Hopefully it will work and we'll get to keep him for a bit longer.

In other efforts to get us all healthier, we all learned how to cross country ski last weekend. Beautiful snow covered landscape and so much fun. We all enjoyed it immensely and are planning to go again this weekend.

Seriously the best picture I was able to take of my nephew. The kid moves.

Now I'm really rambling and I've got to go do my Italian homework. Happy Tuesday!


  1. My sympathy is for Punkone - English is difficult. It's hard to remember all the details...
    Imagine how diffucult is to know when to use a or the, to or for...
    You're not alone!
    Cross country skiing - good for you!
    I used to do that a lot!

    Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous4:29 AM

    The injustice of it all. Love the pics.

  3. Beautiful photos! Now I want to move there.

  4. I love cross country skiing. Sadly, and strangely since I live in Canada, it's a huge pain in the ass to actually get anywhere that there is enough snow to do it on.

  5. Ask him what he thinks about to, too and two.
    Then tell him your friend Keri asked him to carry that burden for a while.

  6. Love that last pic! Good luck with the eating healthy.

  7. Love all of the pics, especially of your nephew.
    I have always to try skiing, but have not done it.

  8. Don't blame the English for English. We lay the blame on anyone but : the Romans, the Danes, the Germans, the French, the Greeks... they all had a hand in making English the devilish language it is today!

    By the way, there's an award waiting for you, here : http://carminesuperiore.blogspot.com/2010/01/kreativ-blogger-award.html

  9. I love Punkette's issues. They remind me of my own when I was young.

    I can't believe you shower weekly! That is fantastic. I don't think I could ever do it. Did it really take all three years?

  10. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Italy is a difficult country to melt into at the beginning but whern you do it's like the Old days and lots of people love you. I lived ion a small town by the Sea and worked as a Dicving instructor (Forgive me ENglsih).

    IO worked with other things too and I loved ebry momebt of it.

    Thank you for your psot its was wodnerful to read.

    Of, Italy.n


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