Monday, January 11

brought to you by illy

I like to dwell at the cafe'
To sit down and sip, listen, read, think
Maybe chat a bit with M
And I have a bookstore cafe'
The perfect place for this

In this cafe, this morning, in the piles of pamphlets on a side table
I found a stack of journals
Heavy stock, the kind that give a paper cut to the bone
But nice to feel and read through
Issue 27 of Illywords
The Culture of Listening
Full of beautiful graphics
In Italian and English
For free... so I took one

And found the following quote
of Yoko Ono:

"Especially after
You spent a lot of years with it
Because then
Life becomes like a lover
You have been
Close to
You know him so well
And yet every day
He gives you
A surprise"

Interesting. A lover you have been close to, you know him so well, yet, every day, he gives you a surprise... Really? Can we know someone (or life) so well, and still be surprised everyday? Could someone be so wondrous?

I think there is truth to this. I think my doubt might arise from my own perception of this someone (or life), a perception defined by some preconceived criteria, fulfilled, and now, limited. But if I let these ideas go, and listen, and see things again... I can imagine that I might discover something new. And be surprised.

Can you?


  1. I haven't thought about being surprised because I guess I focus on what I know. I'm going to look for some surprises.

  2. Daily.

    I don't know if life is a lover, but definitely a best friend.

  3. I'm not so sure I'm that keen on surpises.

    I like my lovers, be they life or not to, have that comforting whiff of predictability about them.

  4. Absolutely, but you have to work on not letting everything else get in the way and block your view.

  5. 'To soak into the moment' so as to be able to listen to every word and every sound... is indeed a distance !

    To soak in, without processing the sound for its meaning ... !

    That is indeed an ask. An ask thats filled with surprises !


  6. Yes, surprises keep coming in relationships!

    Aloha & Ciao, Friend

    Comfort Spiral


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