Thursday, December 4

questions raised

There is a lot about Italy that makes no sense to me. How can "orari continuato" mean open from 9am-8pm, or why I can't buy pain killers at the supermarket? Why are there doors in our apartment that don't go anywhere? and why am I suddenly dressing better?

Or, how in the hell did they build the panteon?

Why am I so enamored by this sculpture?

And how long did I stare at the ceiling before I realized the gecko wasn't part of the painting?


  1. beautiful pictures. cultures different from ours can be baffling. some of the traditions and ways of doing things have never improved or moved forward. it always amazes me that no one ever says - hey, maybe there is a better more efficient way, but in some ways it is nice that some of those traditions go on.

  2. That's a gecko with some serious taste.

  3. The Pantheon was the most mind-boggling thing I saw in Rome.... it is totally unbelievable that it was built that long ago.

    I'd say the washboard abs, no matter how much one might claim to not care, are a major part of the attraction of that sculpture. ;-) And there is just something about the way he is standing there that is so, I don't know, ... sensuously languid.

    The gecko made me LOL. (And thanks for signing up to follow me, appreciate you stopping by.)

  4. Oh, so many "whys" and I understand them all... maybe you'll relate...wait, DEFINITELY you'll relate to this post:

  5. That statue totally looks like he's grooving to his own soundtrack!! ;)

  6. lizzy-loo: although I am baffled, I'm discovering that I actually like many of the things that used to frustrate me at first. Everything being closed on Sunday is one of them. Once I got used to preparing for it, I really enjoy having a day where I really focus on my family. Hubby thinks I've been brainwashed by the evil catholic church.

    Heinous: Either that or he was messing with me.

    Amy: Isn't it shocking! I have to go see it every time I return to Rome and I do nothing but galk at it's immensity (I'm talking about the Panteon)... oh... and that statue... washboard abs... good lord... the way his sheet is almost falling off, the battle gear strewn about, those bare iron wings! That's my kind of angel.

    I like surrounding myself with brilliant people.

    Braja: I remember you saying something about not asking way. I'll check out the post ;)

    TypO: Yea, maybe some Wolfmother?

  7. That's hilarious. It totally looks like he is part of the painting.

    Does living in Italy really make you dress better? I might need to take a trip there, see if it will rub off on me.

  8. And have you thought of, 'how in the world did they think up a Pizza ?'

    Well, thats on my mind..!!


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