Monday, September 27

Train ride

I'm on the train for about an hour these days. It's one half of my commute. I'm on it now and thought I'd share the brilliance of this part of my day with you.

First off, I'm pecking this out with my thumb so I apologize for any thumb control/auto-correct errors that will occur. Yes, I'm blaming my phone for everything written here that makes absolutely no sense.

So what do we have here. The vast majority of my fellow riders are sleeping. You quickly appreciate that most of these beautiful souls wale up at 4 am to get to work on the morning and noise of any kind is swiftly scorned upon.

The wakeful crowd occupies themselves with their various electronics, or even paper based reading (but that can get noisy, so is also frowned upon).

We roll through one of the most beautiful canyons on the area and watch the now golden hills roll by. It's not terrible.

Well, I'm the next stop. I can't wait to see the punks.

- Christine


  1. Train rides are really nice and they are the most enjoying as well. We can enjoy a lot during train traveling because trains have something different feature so that we like to stay there and can spend days and months as well. I also like to go for train ride very much that is why mostly I prefer to catch the chance of train traveling.

  2. I love how you painted the scene with your words. I used to take the Metro into work when I lived in Montreal, and the sense of a microcommunity was as pervasive there as it clearly is in your case. Lovely.


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