Wednesday, September 29


Seeing my punks here, in their new home after going to their new school... Their favorite new pass-time is playing tennis in the street in front of our house. We have a street light which permits us to continue even with the ever shorter days. Access to the outdoors is a priceless thing for lil punks I think. They pass in and out of our back door countless times every day.

The only change to our new routine that they are openly protesting is the drastically reduced time with me. I'm trying to figure out how to commute across the bay, work full time and reconnect with my family every day. Since I'm here now on the 5:28 am train heading west, sleep must have gotten shafted to the number 4 slot of those priorities.

The great things about waking up before 5 am?

The air is still untouched by the scorching sun.

The stars are just nodding out.

The chickens are still sleeping.

The passing landscape is shrouded in black and sparkling points of light... reminding me of other more exotic train rides.

"On the way home, night was approaching. I watched the distance grow between the train and the Adriatic Sea. Once the sky was black and all I could see were passing lights and highways and the train was quiet everything seemed familiar again. The night, lights, and people on the train, absorbed in their books and music, are all the same really. The same you find anywhere."

- Christine


  1. The sun and the moon are the a relative sort of a way !

    Arent they !!

  2. Hi Kavi! I'm glad you've stuck though my blogging void. I'll will make sure I stop by during my next train ride and see what observations you've made lately.

  3. Seriously though, when do you sleep?

  4. I love that hour of morning.

  5. The sad thing is Keri, that I get on that train relatively late in the morning. My carpool driver has been on the train for a full HOUR before it gets to my town. Commuting here is CRAZY. I've actually got it pretty good.

    I'm still adjusting. Last night my kids read TO ME for a twist. Seriously, they climbed into bed with me and each of them did their 15 minutes of reading. I don't remember anything after the second sentence of punk #2.

    So I sleep from roughly 9:30 - 4:50... almost 8 hours ;) The key is just going to bed with the kids and making no attempt to socialize with my husband :/

    AND the morning DOES have it's perks. I saw the sunrise from my office today :) AND lunch feels like dinner.


...and you may ask yourself, did I get here?