Thursday, September 23

rug nap

The chocolate chip cookies they sell in the cafeteria are killer. I'm quite tuckered out and so, upon forefit of my softball game today, I decided to take a nap on the floor of my office. The patch of sun, in addition to creating delightful reflected images on the wall, makes quite a cozy place to catch some time relaxing in a vertical position. I generally visit the sun patch once a day and listen to the crackle of my spine straightening out, but today I lumbar-ed down there for the expressed intent.

And here is what rug dreams are composed of: Upon waking I find my office chair disassembled and the filing cabinet knocked over, having nearly crushed me in my sleep. I right it but leave the chair for some unsuspecting soul. Mind you I was sleeping in the sun after having eaten an entire chocolate chip cookie, a glass of mango blueberry water and listening to "red red robin radio" on Pandora.

Not good.

Well, the radio tunes are actually pretty catchy.
And the cookies are delicious
And so are naps.

Just not all rolled up together. ;)

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